2014 Trash Wrap Belgrade
A.C.T. Democ(k)racy, Onomatopee, Belgrado, Servië

I propose to make a little 'sweatshop' to work in for five days. The material to be used will be waste plastic brought in by a team of Roma scavengers. In the sweatshop I will wrap the plastic waste in shrink foil thus turning it into a beautiful abstract sculptural form. These very light sculptures are easy to carry around. They will be positioned in specific places throughout the city by a team of local graffiti artists/urban explorers and photographed. The photographs will be uploaded to the project site and social media.

'In his “sweatshop”, Doorenweerd situates a production line facilitating a new, cyclic mode of production and distribution. Starting with raw materials - plastics assembled by colour- delivered directly by those who delve, he warps and shrinks the raw material into units added to stock. These units equal the value of material plus the added value of it’s processing. When returned to the source of material origin outside the sweatshop, these become benchmarks for further processing along those indirectly assisting in the conception of their respective sum. By tagging they’re redistributable even more so, attracting interest of stakeholders beyond.
This cyclic production contains and generates a cumulated value of history carried by the material itself, indicating its past and present handling and surplus.' (Freek Lomme)

Onomatopee: Civil Provision

Građanska odredba, Onomatopee, newspaper